Sleep Center

Sleep disorders can lead to a variety of health complications that greatly decrease your quality of life. At Integra Health, we offer onsite sleep testing in our sleep center to accurately monitor any sleep issues you may have.

Our state-of-the-art sleep diagnostic center allows our team to provide a safe and comfortable environment to conduct sleep studies and assess your sleep to accurately diagnose sleep disorders and work with you to develop a successful treatment plan. Some of our sleep studies include: 


This test is used to understand the sleeping patterns of a patient in order to diagnose a variety of sleep disturbance disorders. Also known as a sleep study, polysomnography is an easy, safe test that is performed within our facility.

Split Night Study

During the first part of your night with us, we perform a polysomnography test, or sleep study, while you sleep. During the second half of the night, we offer CPAP titration. This allows us to discover the necessary CPAP settings in a single night without requiring you to return for an additional test/night with us.

CPAP Titration

CPAP titration studies are conducted during our sleep study. During a CPAP titration test, we monitor breathing, oxygen levels, and sleep quality and adjust CPAP pressure to find the right air pressure needed to prevent blockages. This eliminates pauses in breathing while sleeping.

In order to get the best diagnostic results, we know our patients need to have the most comfortable sleep possible. At Integra Health, we offer three private suites — each with a different type of mattress to match your unique preferences — for you to relax in total comfort. Get in touch today to learn more and schedule your sleep test.

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