Pulmonary Function Testing

Welcome to Integra Health, Temecula’s premier choice for quality respiratory care. We offer pulmonary function tests, or PFTs, that show us how well your lungs are functioning. This noninvasive test measures your lung volume, capacity, flow rates, and gas exchange. All of these factors combine to tell us if you have some sort of lung disease or disorder, as well as what the best form of treatment may be moving forward.

Our respiratory team will walk you through every step of the process, including preparing you for the test and then through the test itself. The pulmonary functions test involves a series of breathing in specific ways. You’ll be instructed by your test administrator and observed for symptoms of poor perfusion. Once the test is complete, your pulmonologist will interpret all the numbers — including total lung capacity, residual volume, tidal volume, and other important values obtained from the PFT — to make a clinical diagnosis and develop a treatment plan.

There are two possible disorders that can cause issues with air moving in and out of the lungs:

  • Obstructive: An obstructive problem indicates that there is an airway resistance that is decreasing the flow of air.
  • Restrictive: Restrictive issues indicated that the lung tissue or chest muscles themselves cannot expand enough, causing concerns with the lung volume of the patient.

Our PFT test can show us how much air your lungs draw in, how much you exhale per minute, how much air is left in the lungs after exhalation, your lung capacity, and much more. We create a full picture around your concerns, allowing us to suggest the best possible treatment. Get in touch with our team today to learn more and to schedule your appointment

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