Inspire Sleep Therapy

Providing an Alternative to CPAP

If you struggle with sleep apnea, the revolutionary new sleep apnea treatment — Inspire — may be the solution you’ve been waiting for! Inspire sleep apnea treatment is an implanted device that works with a handheld remote to keep you breathing while you sleep. The device monitors for apneic-like episodes and triggers a stimulator to open your airway. Ditch your CPAP machine and get a good night’s sleep to awake feeling refreshed and rested. The best part is, you can travel without all the equipment and your partner can sleep peacefully next to you. Discover the benefits of Inspire today!


Qualifications for
Inspire Device:

  • Moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea
  • Over 22 years old
  • BMI <32
  • Difficulty adjusting to CPAP therapy
  • No significant comorbidities
  • No upper airway anatomic abnormalities


Inspire is a sleep apnea treatment option for patients who have difficulties adjusting to CPAP devices. The Inspire device is implanted during an outpatient procedure and works with a handheld sleep remote. The implanted device consists of three small portions that are all connected.

  1. The upper portion of the device is implanted on the hypoglossal nerve just under the tongue to stimulate the nerves that lift the tongue. This helps to unblock the airway without waking you. 
  2. The second portion of the device is a breathing sensor that is implanted in the intercostal muscles. This portion monitors your breathing while you sleep and communicates changes to the other components.
  3.  An upper airway stimulator functions as the communication hub between the breathing sensor and the upper stimulator. If the breathing sensor alerts changes, the stimulator sends a signal to the upper portion to stimulate your hypoglossal nerve to reopen your airway.

The remote control allows you to turn the device on and off. Turn it on when you go to bed and then turn it off when you wake in the morning.

Inspire Your Dreams

The Inspire device is implanted during a same-day, outpatient procedure. This means your downtime is limited and you can find freedom from your CPAP more quickly.

90% of partners reported a reduction in snoring and 76% of people reported no snoring. Without snoring or the sound of your CPAP machine, this means your bed partner will also get the sleep they’ve been dreaming of.

79% of people who have already received an Inspire device implant noted a reduction in apneic sleep events.

Inspire is covered by most major insurance providers as an alternative to sleep therapy and CPAP use. Contact our financial team to find out if your insurance covers the procedure and/or device or to discuss payment options.

At Integra Health in Temecula, we are proud to offer this life-changing procedure and telehealth consultations. For the peaceful night’s sleep you deserve, contact us for your consultation today.

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